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$129.00 $29.00

Windows 7,8,10; Mac OS X 10.10 or later

  • Multicore Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Reaper, Cubase, Studio One 4
  • 64bit AAX, AU, VST, VST3
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X was created with the goal to achieve the biggest sound perceivable within two channels. Utilizing multiple psycho-acoustic effects it has quickly become a unique effect beyond a simple imaging tool.

Type Writer Audio has set out to discover the design innovation, passion and endurance needed to transform an artistic vision into an audio tool that revolutionizes the way we touch sound.

When it comes to making a statement it doesn’t get any bigger than this. By combining working knowledge of the precedence, haas, and doppler effect we have perfectly combined these physco-acoustic effects into one incredible piece of technology.

This is your X factor, if a sound is not where you want it, put your secret weapon on it.

We’ve included 95 presets, with over 857,375 total combinations. Feel free to load and use your own however you want.


The ENGINE contains a Preset Manager where you can load, save and delete presets, as well as scroll through 90 default presets.
Sidechain feature easily accessible.
Use the Size Crank to control dynamic size.
Threshold slider to control when the envelope is engaged.
Out-gain handle to control the volume of the effect
Attack and Release handles for maximum control.
XMODE changes how the size reacts to the envelope

Designed to give you swift, powerful control over two haas effected delays.
Creates the space, timbre, and character of your dimensions.
High pass & low pass filters.
Doppler effect
Space Time allows you to control the delay time of space by note
Hyper Speed allows your to select the speed of the LFO that interpolates between both Haas effects.
Choose the Waveshape of the jump between the two Haas effects.
Space controls the size of the Haas Effects.
Jump controls the amount of “pan” of the Hyperdrive.

The Warpdrive can be thought of as a reverb or the “Warp Field”. The glue of the plugin.
Use the Bandpass Filter to control the frequency center in the pre-delay of the warp field.
Add Pre-delay to your mix
Teleportal knob “teleports” the reverb to the signal after the dynamic imaging has taken place. Mix the reverb behind the imaged signal completely.
Use the Dampener to control the frequency and dampen down the higher frequencies.

Using the Goniometer built into the plugin you can monitor the phases of the signals exiting the plugin.
Use the Overall slider to control the wet amount versus dry amount in your mix.
The power is in your hands now, I know you won’t disappoint me. You are now a sonic dimension creator!


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